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Cisco Development Corp Publishes Annual Report

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Every year, the Cisco Development Corporation summarizes its activities into a single report. This document aims to communicate the many things the organization has accomplished over the past year.

As with many public agencies in the State of Texas, the CDC starts its fiscal year on October 1st and ends it on September 30th of the following year. As a result, this report covers this past fiscal year from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020.

This past year saw both significant growth opportunities and unique challenges for the Cisco economy. As we all know, our community has faced seemingly impossible circumstances with the onset of COVID-19 along with the rest of the nation.

While it is difficult to imagine that any single organization can have an impact on a global pandemic, the CDC|C4ADC took steps to provide support for some of our local businesses.

Conversely, this year also brought forth several opportunities for growth. Some projects were completed and several made significant progress for this fiscal year and laid the foundation for future development.

While not a complete representation of our entire efforts, this report summarizes the major milestones during this time. You can download the report in PDF format in its entirety in the following link below.

Justin Jaworski

Executive Director

2019-2020 Cisco Development Corporation
Download • 1.74MB



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