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80+ Jobs and $12 Million in New Investment says 3-Year Report

Cisco's economic development program highlights strong growth for the city in the past three years, alongside many others in the State of Texas.

The past three years have been good to Cisco. Despite the national challenges surrounding inflation and labor shortages, Cisco has continued to grow through job creation a capital investment.

The three-year summary report highlighted projects ranging from direct business assistance, infrastructure and community. Each of these seeks to address many needs that are being addressed by the program.

Much of the growth is the result of the Development Corporation's strategic planning that started in 2020 with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The plan focused on developing in areas businesses seek to locate that include: Interstate-20, downtown and Cisco Municipal Airport.

At this same time, the organization worked in five key areas that include improvements to administration, technology, marketing, finance and new projects. All of these were aimed at increasing its efforts to recruit more businesses and grow the Cisco economy.

This past year saw the development of BHxCO, a mini-home manufacturer that located in a 12,000 sq ft industrial building at Cisco Municipal Airport. The business brought 12 new jobs along with broadening the city's industrial base.

Additionally, the opening of Complete Dental Care in February brought new services and employment to the city while repurposing a vacant building that was in danger of falling apart.

In addition to these three markets, efforts also included the clean-up of several key pieces of real estate. The most notable included the completion of the Eastland County Precinct 4 Maintenance Barn relocation from located at 101 W 18th St.

Seen here, the location of the site resides directly on the main thoroughfare of the City on Conrad Hilton Boulevard. Working alongside the City of Cisco and Eastland County, the Development Corporation worked to relocate the maintenance barn to north Cisco and provide a clear lot of land for new businesses.

The development corporation also demolished structures in the downtown area on 7th street and the old lumber yard. All of these efforts are aimed at cleaning areas of the community to improve aesthetics, provide increased business activity or remediate areas of blight and disrepair.

As a direct result of the Development Corporation's efforts, the city's economy had experienced significant growth. The three-year summary for new investment exceeds $12 million dollars while creating more than 80 new jobs.

"We've more work to do in the coming years that will continue to focus on infrastructure, business development and quality of life for Cisco residents," said Justin Jaworski, Executive Director. "Despite all the challenges we've seen in the past few years, Cisco has continued to grow and we're planning on several other projects that will make a difference for all of us," he added.

2020-2023 Annual Report
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