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CDC Focus on Downtown, I-20, Airport in Annual Report

Updated: Jan 28

The Cisco Development Corporation set its focus on three areas for its development efforts.

Over the past several years, the Cisco Development Corporation had put the majority of its efforts on downtown revitalization. As a result of that effort, the city has enjoyed a renewed sense of activity in this area.

This past fiscal year, the organization set to identify and focus on three specific areas including: downtown, I-20 frontage and the Cisco Municipal Airport.

"We've noticed an increased interest in these specific areas of the city for new business," said Justin Jaworski, Executive Director. "As a result, the Board took specific action to help facilitate this growth," he added.

The corporation had acquired several properties throughout the city for various reasons. With the new focus on these three areas, the corporation aimed to sell is existing properties that were not located in the new target areas.

The result of selling these properties helped establish a number of new businesses in the city.

In early 2022, the Cisco Development Corporation, sold an empty lot to Poppies Florist, providing a physical location on a commercial property.

Also sold this past year was the old warehouse building the corporation had owned for several years on 9th street.

"While storage is not necessarily the aim for the corporation in downtown Cisco, this particular opportunity revitalized an old warehouse in a very attractive way" Jaworski said.

In addition to these, two other major projects took shape this past year. The first of which was the new Road Ranger Travel Center.

"This $8 million dollar investment was one of the largest in the City's history," Jaworski described. "The project was in the planning stages last fiscal year and took shape in February of 2022."

This fiscal year also saw the development of Cisco's newest member of the downtown area, Muddy Mikes Bar & Grill.

The redevelopment of the project represents the single largest in Cisco's downtown area. The venue promises to be unlike any other and draw customers from as far away as the DFW metroplex.

"Overall, we've seen a lot of positive grown in the city, despite all the challenges our folks have had with respect to COVID and inflation," Jaworski added. "I think this next year is going to look even brighter."

2021-2022 Annual Report Summary
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