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Abandoned Structures Demolished, Making Way for New Business

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

In 2016, the Cisco Development Corporation identified the properties located at 1101 W 8th and 804 Ave N as a “property of interest” for the organization’s economic development efforts. Primarily, these sites had two dilapidated structures: 1) an abandoned home and 2) an old gas station, both of which were beyond repair.

Prior to demolition, one of the two structures located at 1101 W 8th and 804 Ave N in Cisco, Texas.

As with most properties in this case, their abandonment also coincided with a growing delinquency of unpaid property taxes. Consequently, the CDC’s involvement identified the best way to demolish the two structures and open the lots for future development. As part of that process, the CDC lead the effort in conjunction with the local taxing entities to obtain ownership and clear both sites.

The properties were located directly on W 8th St, which also serves as State Highway 206. The high visibility of the properties made the demolition of the structures a priority of the CDC.

In 2018, underground fuel tanks were removed from the site of the gas station with the help of a TCEQ Assessment for Phase I and Phase II environmental studies. After this, the CDC took possession of the properties and continued with its efforts to clear the properties.

The demolition of the abandoned residence and gas station left a cleared site.

In June of 2020, the CDC appropriated $50,000 towards the demolition of the two structures and completed the project in the following September, under budget.



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