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The Best Business Incentive

Interested in bringing your business to Cisco, Texas? Great! Let's get started. Take a moment to read more about our services and contact us to schedule a visit with our staff.


Tailored Just For Your Business

Most cities across the county, and many across Texas, offer assistance programs to new and expanding businesses. Too often, however, these programs focus on their objectives instead of the needs of the business.

Not so with the Cisco Development Corporation. Our business incentive program puts your business first, customizing the incentive so it works best for your success. We succeed when our businesses succeed and that's the measure we stand by.

If you're looking to establish a new business location, you've come to the right place.

Application for Financial Assistance

The City of Cisco has two economic development corporations to promote new and expanded business development: the Cisco Development Corporation (“CDC”) and the Cisco 4A Development Corporation (“C4ADC”). Both entities are non-profit economic development corporations formed under the Development Corporation Act of 1979 and are designed to create primary jobs for the City of Cisco.


The CDC and C4ADC are governed by a seven-member and five-member Board of Directors, respectively, appointed by the City Council of Cisco. Their mission is to promote the economic development of the City of Cisco using innovation, local resources, and a positive spirit to promote the quality of life and guarantee the vibrancy of Cisco.

Businesses interested in incentives must complete the Application for Financial Assistance. Incentives are typically, though not always, utilized for capital expenditures of land, buildings and equipment in either a loan or a grant. Each application is subject to the review and approval of the respective Board of Directors and, depending on the circumstances, the approval of the City Council of Cisco.

Download the Application

Download the Application for Financial Assistance in PDF format and contact us to visit about your request.

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