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Do Business in Cisco, Texas

Do you have plans to grow your business, but need place to take it to the next level? We want to hear your idea. Here you’ll find financial incentives, a skilled workforce, affordable real estate and a business-friendly community.

Breathing Room.jpg

Plenty of Breathing Room

We might be a small city, but we’ve got big ambitions, except for the overcrowding, pollution and high cost of living; the big cities can keep all that stuff. Here, you'll find plenty of room to grow your business.

Road Rail and Runway.jpg

Road, Rail and Runway

We're located directly on Interstate-20 in the center of Texas. The east-west Union Pacific railway runs through Cisco on the north side of the city and Cisco Municipal Airport offers a 3,700ft runway for public use.

Labor and Workforce.png

Labor and Workforce

More than 18,000 people reside in Eastland County and more than 175,000 in the regional civilian labor force while Cisco College provides customized training for any business need.

Business Incentives_edited_edited.jpg

Business Incentives

With low taxes, a straightforward regulatory climate and a skilled workforce, Texas leads the nation in economic growth. If you are ready to relocate or expand your business, you’ll find open arms here in Cisco. 

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