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Louis Morgan Legacy Park

For many years, Cisco residents patroned the Farm & Ranch Store located at 107 E 5th Street to buy lumber and countless other items. As the years past and the business eventually closed, this business represents an era of Cisco that brings fond memories for many.

Project Function Junction Cover.png

A Vision for the Future

In late 2022, the Cisco Development Corporation was invited by the family of Louis Morgan, proprietor of "Farm & Ranch Supply" of Cisco, Texas, to purchase the property and develop it as a public park. Since that time, efforts have been underway to design a concept that best fits the property.

A Multi-Use Family Facility

Through a local public-private partnership, the Cisco Development Corporation has worked with a group of volunteers to develop a conceptual plan for the park. The following depiction outlines the results of that effort to maximize the available space, divided into four quadrants.

Project Function Junction - Concept Depiction.png

Quadrant 1

This area of development features a "tot lot" for small children under 6 years of age. Age appropriate playground equipment will be placed at the center, surrounded by additional seating. This portion of the park is lined with trees on the north and west side.

Project Function Junction - Concept Depiction Q1.png
Project Function Junction - Concept Depiction Q2.png

Quadrant 2

This area has a "splash pad" for all ages to enjoy and positioned in the northeast section of the development. Similar to Quadrant 1, the area is surrounded by trees to provide additional shading during the warmer months.

Quadrant 3

This area features a more traditional play-ground area for age groups ranging from 5 to 12. It also features an open-space that is designed to allow for more space general play and is intentionally placed below the "tot-lot" in Quad 1.

Project Function Junction - Concept Depiction Q3.png
Project Function Junction - Concept Depiction Q4.png

Quadrant 4

This quadrant features an area for "lawn games" in the northeast corner, specifically for the older age grounds. It also includes a dedicated amphitheater for any entertainment venues such a live music.

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