Precision Tire and Auto

In the summer of 2013, the CDC entered into a discussion with Jeff Smith about bringing his experience in the tire and automotive service industry to Cisco.


It wasn't a quick sale.  Jeff wanted to make sure that Cisco was the right place for him to take another leap of faith.


In December of that same year, Jeff and his wife Angela joined with the CDC to make things happen.  The CDC built an amazing building for Jeff to put his new business in with a paved parking lot and other ammenities.  The CDC offered Jeff a reduced rent rate for a period of time to allow his business to become well established.  Jeff has the opportunity to purchase the building when ready or to pay an elevated rent level.


So, the CDC purchased the lots for the new business and began the process of clearing the old buildings.  Phase I and Phase II studies were performed to protect the new tenants and the environment.

Soon, a new building was going up and taking the place of the older buildings that once lined Conrad Hilton Blvd.  It was a huge improvement before it was even completed.

Jeff has expressed that this store has done better than any other store he and Angela have ever owned.

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