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Road Ranger to Invest $8M and 80 Jobs in Cisco Travel Center

The Cisco Development Corporation has good news to report about a new Travel Center in Cisco. The $8 million Road Ranger Project will create up to 80-plus new jobs, according to CDC Executive Director Justin Jaworski.

To be located at the intersection of Conrad Hilton Blvd (U.S. 183) and the

I-20 eastbound frontage road, it will feature a convenience store, a rest stop, a Wendy’s restaurant, a sandwich shop, and three proprietary-branded food services in addition to pumps for passenger car refueling and semi-truck refueling.

“It will also have over 80 spaces for semi-truck parking. The sheer size of this particular facility will be substantially larger than other truck stops in the area,” Jaworski said.

The project is expected to be finished by January of 2022. “You are going to notice, as you look at the construction, how much larger it is than your traditional truck stop,” Jaworski said.

Site plan for Road Ranger in Cisco, Texas on the southeast side of the city located at intersection of Highway 183 and Interstate-20.

Construction is well underway on the $8 million Road Ranger project at the intersection of Conrad Hilton Blvd (U.S. 183) and I-20 eastbound frontage road.

“The size in terms of acreage is substantial because they’re trying to accommodate a lot of truck traffic. With eight locations in Texas, opening their 43rd location in Cisco with make nine.”

The project will generate about $1.4 million in ad valorem taxes over the next 10 years, he projected, and a little less than a $1 million in terms of sales tax. “Keep in mind that more than 26,000 vehicles pass by Cisco every day on an average day,” he stated.

Ryan Arnold, Vice President of Marketing at Road Ranger, was excited to share details of just how beneficial this location will be not only to the surrounding community but for the growth of their fuel network in the state of Texas.

“Cisco is such a great community, and we are excited to become a part of it,” he said. “Since 1984, Road Ranger has been a friendly face to those on the move. With 42 locations stretching across seven states, we provide professional drivers and the everyday motorist with 24-hour access to safe, clean, and reliable facilities. We provide spacious fueling stations, clean overnight lots, CAT scales, and cutting-edge amenities. From fuel to a quick bite to eat, we’re your one-stop-shop.”

“As we continue to grow, our focus never waivers. Our core values are to ensure that our customers are greeted with a friendly face, clean restrooms, and fresh food - no matter the hour. Whether you’re looking for a homemade slice of pizza, an authentic Tex-Mex styled taco, or an ice-cold drink – you’ll find it here at Road Ranger.” he concluded.

So just how did the company choose Cisco for their next travel center site? “They looked at the geographic landscape and identified points where there is a market potential for them,” Jaworski said.

“We were one of several in the consideration. Of particular interest was a piece of property that they’re now constructing. They had identified a piece of land that they thought they wanted, which met their metrics, and then they reached out to the City of Cisco to determine if public service in terms of water and wastewater was available.

“Our illustrious city manager, Darwin Archer, did a phenomenal job providing excellent customer service to answer that question,” Jaworski said.

It was then that Archer put the company in contact with the Cisco Development Corporation, and this is when Jaworski began taking steps to positively influence their decision to choose Cisco over other sites that they were considering.

Even though water infrastructure and wastewater infrastructure were available at the Cisco site, when the company started to pursue further engineering for what that particular facility would need, “there was a realization that the site would greatly benefit from an infrastructure upgrade in terms of water,” Jaworski said.

“We already had water to the site, but the dialogue was, we really see that being responsible with the planning, and helping with the location of the business, was done with a mind’s eye with how it would affect the water service in Cisco.” Jaworski said after engineering studies were completed, “we realized it would be better if we looked at a way to deliver the water with a little more volume. So, we engaged the company in a dialogue about what it would take to upgrade that and ensure their location decision.”

“I am pleased to report that the product of our conversation produced an agreement where we were able to make some of the upgrades to our water system, make sure they had more than ample service, and that Cisco was the next location for their travel center,” Jaworski said.

Negotiations were finalized in July, after a 10-month process. Jaworski emphasized that this was a combined effort between the City of Cisco and the Cisco Development Corporation.

Mayor Tammy Douglas said, “The Cisco Development Corporation Board of Directors and the City Council saw the value of this project and worked hard to make it happen for Cisco, Texas. I’m proud of the leadership’s decision to support

Road Ranger and eagerly anticipate its completion.”

By Linda Spetter

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