Slowpoke Farm

709 Conrad Hilton Blvd.

This building was purchased by the CDC in order to keep it from going up on the tax sale.  Like many other of the buildings along Conrad Hilton Blvd., this gem had some flaws.  It had both lead and asbestos, which had to be removed according to EPA, state, and federal requirements.  
It didn't take long for the right people to see the potential.  Joy and Kerry Hedges had grown very fond of the revival that they were experiencing downtown and the relationships that developed between the existing businesses.  While they already were very successful in another market, they had decided it was time to do things a little different.
Once the abatement was complete, the CDC went to work to replace the facade and repair the roof.  This allowed for a more appealing appearance from Conrad Hilton, but also offered evidence of what this building could be.
Again, based on a business plan and all of the required documents, the board invested in Slowpoke Farm Market by selling the building at a reduced rate and supporting the business through shared promotions.  Cisco is fortunate to have another diverse business and more great people as a part of the community.

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