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The Cisco Development Corporation serves as the marketing and development arm for the City of Cisco. Its purpose is to promote, assist and enhance the economic development of the City of Cisco by providing assistance to new and expanding businesses.

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The purpose of the Cisco Development Corporation is to promote the growth, development and diversification of the economy in and around Cisco, Texas, by attracting new industries, retaining and expanding existing industries, and supporting their workforce needs.

New Businesses

Cisco has a strong history of providing competitive economic development incentives, available at the local level, to new and existing industry. Furthermore, businesses can expect the full cooperation of state and city government to resolve any project development issues in a timely manner.

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Expanding Businesses

Cisco also provides an ongoing network of support to help primary employers promote growth and expansion. The Business Retention-Expansion (BRE) program performs annual on-site visits to employers, providing a platform for businesses to express interest in expansion.


Cisco’s workforce is represented by a 9-county labor shed of approximately 76,000 people, providing a wealth of employment resources. This rich employment pool has a vast array of talent that includes: A & P mechanics, CNC machinists, engineers, industrial mechanics, welding and metal fabrication, to name a few.


Two Organizations, One Mission

The Cisco Development Corporation and the Cisco 4A Development Corporation are two independent corporations that work in unison for one mission: to promote the economic development of Cisco, Texas. Each operate under the Development Corporation act of 1979 and are regulated by state law.

Cisco Development Corp

The CDC is a "Type B" economic development corporation governed by a 7-member Board of Directors.

Cisco 4A Development Corp

The C4ADC is a "Type A" economic development corporation governed by a 5-member Board of Directors.

Professional Staff

The daily operations of the CDC and C4ADC are managed by the following staff members.

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Executive Director


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Executive Assistant