About Us

The Cisco Development Corporation and the Cisco 4A Development Corporation are non-profit economic corporations representing the citizens of Cisco as caretakers of the proceeds of a one cent sales tax levied for the purposes of the Corporation to promote, assist, and enhance economic development activities in the City of Cisco through stimulation of private business support and job creation.

Board of Directors

Cisco 4A Development Corporation Board Members:

Stephen Forester, President

Joe Petree, Vice President

Jane Nichols, Secretary/Treasurer

Sean King, Assistant Secretary/Treas.

Vacant Position

Cisco Development Corporation Board Members:

Tammy Douglas, President

Stephen Forester, Vice President

Jane Nichols, Secretary/Treasurer

Sean King, Asst. Sect/Treasurer

Joe Petree

Vacant Position

2019-2020 Budgets

Executive Director

Justin Jaworski

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