Ruby's Pearls

508 Conrad Hilton Blvd.

This building was owned by the CDC more than once, but the last time was different.
The need to move quickly to salvage this building was imperative.  It was no longer structurally sound and with the City Council Chambers wall being attached, that whole section of buildings were in danger.
The building had been a victim of a fire that destroyed the roof and time, weather, and vandals had taken their toll.
Once, the clean out was complete and the walls secured with bracing, masons were brought in to re-point the brick and rock in the walls to make them stable, then the roof was put on and the second floor mezzanine was added.
So, the hard work began.  The CDC contacted engineers to make sure that the building could be made stable and the clean up began.  Before welders could even enter the building to put up bracing, all of the debris and the tree had to be removed.
Now with the facade finished, the interior was left until a tenant was found for this building. That is when Racheal and Curtis Stanley, Jr. happened to fall for this beauty.  They have transformed this lovely building into Ruby's Pearls. A beautiful story is behind this business just like many others in Cisco!  Stay tuned for more pictures of this new addition to Cisco!

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